Questions to Ask

1. What are the credentials of the company?

Hometenders of America’s is a licensed property management company governed under the Rules and Regulations under the Arizona Department of Real Estate.  The Hometenders of America’s staffs are licensed Real Estate agents under the Broker Douglas Cheesman.

2. Do they have a physical office or is this a home based business run out of their personal home?

Hometenders of America has a separate free standing office and warehouse.

3. Are they members of the BBB and what is their rating if so?

Hometenders of America is  a member of the BBB and has an A rating

4. Do they provide a FREE home warranty?

Hometenders of America does provide a Free home warranty and pay the service call charge for those repairs

5. Do they charge for this service and if so what is the value of that charge?

Hometenders of America’s service is completely free; there are no charges assessed to the Realtor or Homeowner and no fees collected at close of escrow

6. Are they an accredited Interior Designer or do they have one on staff and who does the staging?

Hometenders of America has interior designers on staff and the lead designer is an A.S.I.D. certified interior designer with over 35 years of experience

7. Do they have an inspector on staff that physically goes out and inspects the home unannounced? If so what is the frequency of their inspections and how detailed are they?

Hometenders of America has an inspector that is a full time employee whose responsibility is to inspect all properties on a weekly basis.

8. Do they do a credit check and background check on all potential Hometender’s?

Homestenders of America does an in depth nationwide background check and credit check that covers employment, driving records, criminal and civil records, marriages, relatives, past addresses, lawsuits engaged in present or past, verification of citizenship and any other information necessary to make a proper decision on the quality of the individual.