Why Us

Reasons to use Hometenders of America Free Service


What Hometenders of America Does For You
  • Service is FREE to all Homeowners and Realtors
  • The Hometender pays for pool service
  • The Hometender pays for landscaping service
  • We place a home warranty on the home
  • The Hometender pays for all the utilities
  • Home is professionally staged by certified Interior Designers
  • Home is inspected unannounced once a week
  • We carry a $3 million liability insurance policy

Advantages of using Hometenders of America
  • Occupied/Staged homes show better
  • Occupied/Staged homes sell 5 times faster
  • Occupied/Staged homes close for a higher price
  • Open houses anytime
  • Peace of mind that the home is being taken care of by a professional Hometender
  • Homeowners does not have to pay holding costs each month
  • Home is “Show Ready” from 9 AM – 7 PM every day
  • Hometender is NOT a renter or lease holder therefore the home can be shown on a 30 minute notice

Risks Of Leaving A Home Vacant
  • Vandalism
  • Squatters
  • Theft
  • Homes damaged because repairs not being noticed
  • Insurance companies increasing rates or cancellation
  • People using the home as a “grow” house and sell drugs
  • Offers are “low ball” because buyers think the homeowner is desperate
  • The home looks “un-loved” and “un-cared” for
  • When rooms are empty buyers focuses on negative details
  • Only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of the home

Professionally Staged Dining Room Professionally Staged Living Room Untended Home On Fire