Here are testimonials from Realtor’s and Homeowner’s.


“I just had a great experience with HomeTenders of America – they helped get my listing SOLD! I had a vacant listing that wasn’t selling and after about 9 months, the seller finally allowed me to place a home-tender in the property.  The home was then beautifully staged FOR FREE and the utilities and maintenance costs were assumed by the home-tender.  After only a few weeks I began getting offers on the property and we are now ready to close!  With HomeTenders, the lockbox stays on, the house is always show-ready, showings are allowed with as little as 30 minutes notice, open houses are permitted, and only 14 days notice is needed to vacate when the property sells. If you have a vacant listing that isn’t selling, do yourself and the seller a favor and contact John (john@hometendersofamerica.net) or Barbra (barbra@hometendersofamerica.net) at HomeTenders of America to see if they have a home-tender that fits your property’s needs.  (BTW, I receive no referral fee or benefit – I’m just trying to be helpful!)”

Kelly Hundelt/Realtor Realty Executives realty executives


“This was my first experience and a great experience. The hometenders were the best! They were high quality and so easy to work with. Overall this was great experience and it helped with sell the home.”

Colleen Olson/Realtor Arizona Best Real EstateSiteLogo


“Hometenders of America do such a great job of maintaining and leaving the home at the leisure of the new buyer. They also furnish very well, and cover expenses that would be the homeowners i.e. Utilities, pool, landscaping & showing availability etc.”

Victoria Cuomo/ Realtor Realty Executives  realty executives


“Dear All,

Just wanted to let you know that our listing on Doubletree Ranch Rd., which had been on the market for several months, quickly went under Contract and will close in a little over a week, with the help of Home Tenders. The Home Tenders moved in and were ready in about 4 days. On that 4th day, a client from Chicago came through with another agent, and wrote a Contract on the house. The Home Tenders won’t even be in the house a month! They beautifully staged the house, which was vacant, and listed for $2,750,000. It showed beautifully and sold immediately. If you have a property that could benefit from their services, please feel free to call me to ask how it works. It costs your client nothing, all utilities are covered, the Home Tenders always have the house in show-ready condition, have insurance, and have had a background check, etc. They move out with 14 days notice.

I’m hanging the “SOLD” sign today!”
Laura Joyner/Realtor Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realtyrlsir-logo-horz-blue


I just wanted to say thank you again to Hometenders for providing such a needed, and great, service. Having my short sale listing occupied, nicely furnished and well maintained made a huge difference and helped the property sell sooner vs. later.  This also helped me obtain a higher price which was necessary to satisfy the lien holder, and could very well have been instrumental in keeping the bank from foreclosing.

Please feel free to pass along my contact info to other agents who would like a referral for Hometenders.  I feel it is important to spread the word so that we’ll eventually have fewer and fewer vacant properties out there that show poorly and don’t even have the A/C on!”

Barbara Buckingham/Realty One Groupdownload


“GREAT PROGRAM, WONDERFUL BUSINESS MODEL, INTEGRITY PLUS! I have known the Beziks for many years, starting out being the Realtor on a home they were selling and then helping purchase investment properties and personal homes. When they told me about this program, I was thrilled as we needed something like this in this market. This was in 2007. I use this program on all my listings. Why wouldn’t you? They maintain the property, stage it, and sell it for more than if it were vacant. I love telling my homeowners about this program. Saves them a lot of money!!! John, Cyndee and Barbara and wonderful people and I cannot say enough good things about them. Their heart is in the right place and they are great business people as well. Ask anyone that knows them or their business.”

Norma Nelson/Realtor HomesmartHomeSmart_Side


“HomeTenders of America really went above and beyond with my property….there were only three days in which the home was vacant! The home was quickly occupied and shortly after that it was professionally decorated and staged! I could not have possibly have had this home in shape like HomeTenders did after moving out – this is their business, they are so quick and efficient – even the neighbors were shocked at how quickly everything came together. The HomeTender is extremely easy to work with and I truly see the benefit of having someone in the home – no worries of any problems associated with an empty home. Saved me over $600 a month at least! I strongly recommend HomeTenders of America!”

Curt Johnson/Realtor Realty Executivesrealty executives


“WILL USE HOMETENDERS ON EVERY VACANT LISTING I HAVE! Great program, Great people. Why sit with a vacant property when you can have it taken care of, staged and all the utilities, pool and landscaping paid for, plus free virtual tour, home warranty and they pay for the deductible! Used them twice before with much success. Will use them again on all my vacant properties“

Alexander J Mariconda/Realtor RE/MAX Achieversdownload (1)


“Any Realtor that has a vacant home and doesn’t use this program is doing their seller a dis-service. This is a win-win program. You cannot compare the value of a home that is vacant and one that is beautifully staged not to mention the financial pressure it takes off the clients for carrying the property. Use the program…it works”

Carolyn Lane/Realtor/Broker HomeSmart, Constable-Arcadia Biltmore DistrictHomeSmart_Side


“Who wouldn’t want to use this company? HOA provides a great service for sellers and their Realtors, in that they stage the property and keep it secure. New Home Builders spend a fortune “dressing up” their models, with Hometenders of America the seller gets this for FREE and even has their utilities and landscape and pool service paid for. It is a win-win proposition, and I encourage all of my vacant property sellers to use them!”

Karen Picarello /E-Pro-Certified Internet Professional, CLHMS, REMAX Fine Propertiesiremax


 “Hands down, the most professionally run program of its type in AZ.”

Leslie McCarver/Realtor The Walt Danley Group, Coldwell Banker42


“My empty listing had been sitting for about four months.  It was a challenging property, it needed TLC,  backed electrical lines and a tower AND it a horse ranch about one hundred feet from the back wall.  HomeTenders came in with a great Home-Tender who set up their beautiful furniture, paid the utilities and made it feel warm, lived-in and taken care of…within eight days I had a contract.  (That is not an exaggeration.)  The Buyer commented on how nicely it was furnished when he walked through.  We closed two months later!  Their services helped me sell my clients house!  It really does make a difference!”

Ann Fitzpatrick/Realtor American Residential Properties4432cbd6d241db0070b71e8a6b7d717c



“As a Top Producer with Re/Max Achievers, anyone that is not using Hometenders of America needs to rethink their strategy! Their program is very upscale in professionalism, and these ladies know what it takes to help SELL our listings. I personally can tell you that after picking up a listing from an Agent who had it on the market for over a year with NO CONTRACTS, that within ONE DAY of staging and 3 showings later I had an Offer in hand. This is a NO BRAINER….the Seller signs a contract and Hometenders will find a great “Tender” to live in their home and take excellent care of it. Agents only need to give a 15 minute notice to show the home and it will show model perfect. The home is well maintained, yards and pool are taken care of regularly with no cost to the seller. I’ve not met any two women more dedicated to making this a win-win for everyone. Tell all your Agent friends to jump on this win-win and let’s sell more homes. ..we can’t loose with their help!!”

Lori Wegner/Realtor REMAX Achieversdownload (1)



“I must say, I was very skeptical of the program when I first talked to you.  After pricing and considering staging the home, I decided that the opportunity with Home Tenders made better financial sense for me.  I am very happy to tell you that I was very, very, pleasantly surprised with all aspects of the program after I signed the contract.  More importantly, I have really enjoyed Lynn and her family as a tenant — they have been an absolute joy to interface with, kept the house immaculate, and have been more than accommodating to all the requests this past month.  I would recommend this program to anyone in the same situation I was in — an empty house on the market for more than 5 months that desperately needed some “life” put back into it.

 So, it is with great enjoyment I can tell you my house sold within the first 5 days of Lynn moving into my home, and, although I know this is how the program works, I will be very sad to see Lynn moving out of my house.  “

Brian Williams/Homeowner


“HOMETENDERS OF AMERICA MET AND EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS: Hometenders of America provided piece of mind.  Knowing that our property was occupied, we did not have to worry about crime or unnoticed maintenance issues.  It helped assure our neighbors that we still cared about the greater good by not leaving the property unoccupied.  It saved us between $100-200 per month in utilities and helped us maintain a reasonable insurance rate. The professional staging and virtual tour would’ve been an asset if we had needed to attract a buyer.  Overall, our dealing with the Hometender’s staff was courteous, efficient and effective.  Thank you Hometenders.”

Doug and Jen Dziedic/Homeowner


”First of all, let me tell you how impressed we are with the decorating and staging of our house.  It looks beautiful – VERY IMPRESSIVE!!  We appreciate your help with our problem and trust that our home will make someone happy and eventually will sell! Hometenders of America located in Scottsdale, AZ, has made my sad empty house a very happy and beautiful occupied house!  They decorated and staged our location and moved a renter in to keep it warm and cozy.  And they did a fabulous job!  We can’t believe how gorgeous it looks and how elegant the decorating appears.  It is over the top in our minds.  Not only is our house happy but this move has saved us about $500.00 a month in utilities and $300.00 a month for landscape and pool care.  In addition, our home insurance went down as well with someone living there by about $200.00 a month.  And we were able to discontinue our home warranty at the cost of $55.00 per month because that is now provided by Hometenders.  What a great feeling we have saving well over a thousand dollars a month and knowing we have a happy house that was once sad and forlorn.  Hometenders saved the day for us – they are without a doubt a class act! PLUS I RECEIVED $1000 IN CASH TO BOOT!”

Steve & Jan Hildebrand/Homeowner


“I want to thank you for the great service I received from Hometenders. I am very pleased with the program and hope to use Hometenders again when the housing market improves (whenever that might be). I also appreciate the advice you have given me and the knowledge you have shared on the housing market both in our conversation this morning and throughout the program. We will be in touch throughout the transition period.” Thanks,

Diane Thompson/Homeowner


“Just a short note to say that Hometenders of America did a great job for us in Scottsdale. You were able to find people who fit within the parameters we asked. In the future, should we need the same service; Hometenders of America will be the company we choose. Thanks again for a job well done.”

Paul Gruskha/Homeowner 


“HomeTenders of America provided an excellent service as I was in the process of trying to sell my Paradise Valley home while located in Southern California.  They saved me several hundred dollars per month in maintenance and utilities as well as giving me the peace of mind that my home was in good hands while I was not in Arizona. The substantial and high quality staging was a large factor in attracting potential buyers, and ultimately lead to the sale of the property in a down market where the competition was tremendous.  HomeTenders provided and excellent service while actually saving me money!”

Jesse B./Homeowner 


“THEY CAME TO ME! We are investors and have a house in North Scottsdale. Hometenders of America saw that it was vacant and came to me with a solution. We learned all about their program. We worked with Barbara to get the home up to par. She brought in her vendors and we worked together to get this home in tip top shape in a matter of days. She pointed out the deficiencies that we overlooked to help get this home sold. They installed a fabulous hometender with beautiful furniture. The home shows like a model. The furnishings and décor items add to the beauty of the home and hides some of the “flaws”. Saving us hundreds of dollars a month. What a great company. Wish we would have known about this a year ago.”

Mike Gould/Investor-Homeowner


 “SAVED MY HOME FROM FORECLOSURE! “We were upside down in our home. We paid $1.2 million dollars for it with a mortgage of over a million dollars. We were struggling to make the mortgage payments until we were out of money. Our Realtor told us that the home was worth somewhere between $500-600K. We moved out into an apartment, sold our furniture and were going to let the home go. We heard about Hometenders. They put some great folks in the property. The home sold within 2 months for over $600K! Even the Realtor was shocked. Having the home staged with beautiful furniture definitely made a difference. Saved us from having a Foreclosure on our record. Thanks Hometenders! They care with a community minded approach!”

Cadillac Family/Homeowners


“We have a 3 Million Dollar home we custom built for ourselves. Do to extenuating circumstances we were not able to move in. Home was on the market for over 200 days. The carrying costs were overwhelming. We enlisted the services of Hometenders of America. They had a fabulous couple in the property with dynamite furniture. They staged the home to look like a model home. They are paying for pool, landscaping, all utilities and have eased the burden for us. This house looks great! Furnishing it makes all the difference. People can visualize how the home should be especially in a high end property. No need to pay for staging that is just another expense. Recommend them highly!”

The Tuckers/Homeowners


“SAVED HOME FROM POTENTIAL DISASTER! We have a brand new $6 Million Dollar 11,000 sq. ft. new build home in Silverleaf. We just had a fantastic caretaker/hometender from Hometenders of America put the home. The builder sent over a fireplace crew to test and light all the fireplaces in the home (there are seven). All of them are gas and have remote starts. The crew finished testing and left. The next day, about 15 hours later, our Home Tender was out in the backyard checking on the pool with the pool man. He immediately said that he smelled a strong gas smell. They checked the outdoor fireplaces and smelled nothing. They thought it might be a main gas leak coming from the desert as the smell was so strong. After further investigation they went to the guest house and opened the doors and almost passed out. The gas had been left on emitting from that fireplace for over 14 hours! If the house had been vacant, not only would it have blown up, but likely taken out several other homes in the neighborhood (and maybe even lives). “



“Great program & professionally run. It eases the holding costs of a vacant home and also gives you peace of mind to know that your home is being monitored and taken care of. Great idea!!! I don’t understand why you don’t have a thousand homes in your program. What’s the downside? I don’t see it.”

Bo Lane / Homeowner